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Driving School in Geelong and Lara

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Automatic & Manual Car Lessons

At ABS Drive School, we provide training and instructions on both Automatic and Manual vehicles.

Male/Female Trainers

Providing comfort to the client is our main service, we have both male and female drivers to accommodate individual needs.

7 Days a Week

To provide the best driving lessons to the learners, we work seven days a week for their best driving results.


We have drivers who can talk in several languages, such as – English, Hindi, Urdu, Persian and Hazaragi.

Welcome to ABS Drive School

What are we? Provided the best and cheap driving lessons near you! 


About ABS Drive School

Owing a professional driving school operating in Lara and Geelong area for over 8 years with expert Driver Training & Driving Instructors. We provide the best Geelong driver education to the people who are searching to learn “driving lessons near me” for all age and genders with a focus on Safety.

We not only train on Automatic transmissions but also Manual transmissions, making sure that our students understand the basic driver operations and technical aspects of each vehicle type.



ABS Drive School provides cheap driving lessons near me, and the top Geelong Driving Instructors who are qualified in manual and automatic transmission and can speak different languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Persian and Hazaragi.

Friendly Approach

We believe that students can learn better and quicker in a friendly environment where they can communicate without hesitation.

Individual Attention

Not every student learns the same way. Therefore, ABS Drive School provides driver training Geelong who can fulfil the requirements of individual students. This not only improves learning but also increases the success rate.


Our Lara & Geelong Driving Instructors are trained professionals with years of experience and a keen focus on integrity and respect.



As part of Government initiative you can get Free Lesson through an accredited driver instructor.

ABS Drive School provides this service through Keys2Drive program. You just need to register on Keys2Drive website and get your Lesson ID.

After that simple call us with your Lesson ID and will book you for your Free Lesson.



Not every one is eligible for Keys2Drive Free Lesson. Only those who hold Australian Learner permit are eligible for Free Lesson.

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Driving Lessons and Training Near You

Ls to Ps

Get your Ps done with the help of ABS drive school, where you will not only learn to be a safer driver but also acquire lifelong skills.

Overseas Licence

International students, temporary visa holders and non-Australians can also apply for the driver training classes.

Defensive Driving

Defensive driving lessons are suitable for all those students who want to improve their skills while driving a vehicle.

Aged Driver

Older drivers may require an assessment and retest to be able to drive in Victoria. We will help you to get your life and freedom back!