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Ls to Ps

Get your Driving freedom to Drive!

Get your Ps with ABS Drive School where you will not only learn to become a safer driver but also acquire life long driving skills which will help you in the long run.

Our team of instructors focus on safety, vehicle handling, defensive driving lessons Geelong. Our friendly approach is to have open communication with every student to maximise learning.

  • Get your Ps
  • Learn defensive driving lessons
  • Improve vehicle handling
  • Increase success rate
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Overseas Licence

Convert your overseas licence to Australian licence.

International applicants, temporary visa holder, permanent residents and non-Australians can call us to find out it they are eligible for Australian licence. You can do so by contacting us and we will help you understand your requirements and eligibility.

Depending on your visa status and duration of stay in Australia your needs may differ. Contact us to find out how we can help you convert your overseas or international licence into Australian licence.

  • Convert overseas licence
  • Understand your eligibility
  • Learn rules and regulation of Vic Roads

Defensive Driving

Become a better and safer driver.

Defensive driving training is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their Automatic or manual car lessons driving skills and be able to handle all sort of situations with confidence. No matter what your driving experience we will ensure that you enjoy learning the most effective and life saving driving skills.

This training is provided by trained instructors in various driving situations and conditions simulating unexpected real life scenarios.


Aged Driver Assessment

Keeping yourself and others safe with Geelong Driving Lessons.

Older drivers may be required to give assessments and re-tests in order to be able to drive in Victoria. We will help you get back with your life and freedom to move around with the right Geelong driving lessons expertise.

Our driving instructors and manual car lessons will help you through their friendly and professional approach. We will ensure that you are comfortable, feel at ease, and are treated with utmost respect.


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